Katharine of Aragon talk by Alison Weir

There were 25 of us who went to the talk about Katharine of Aragon given by Alison Weir.tumba ca

I was not sure what  to expect as Katharine has always seen the cause of religious separation from the Catholic world in England. Having heard a lot about Alison Weir but having never read her books, nor followed her on the media, I knew only that she was a well-known English historian.

What a talk!

Alison’s narration and story-telling techniques, as well as her deep knowledge about the early Tudor times transported us to the times of Kathari ne of Aragon. We learnt how tough this Spanish lady was and how ruthless Henry VIII was to her. She did not manage to meet her only living child, Mary, for the last years of her life.

Alison WeirKatharine knew her role in life, and in her last letter to her husband, written on her death-bed, she wrote, Dear husband, and signed it, the Queen of England. http://englishhistory.net/tudor/letter5.html

Alison is very erudite on the subject of Henry VIII and her way of presenting the topic made me realise how much more I would like to learn about Katharine of Aragon. We are thinking of organising a tour where Alison can tell us more. Thank you to everyone who came on the trip and shared this experience with us.







3 thoughts on “Katharine of Aragon talk by Alison Weir

  1. Katherine of Aragon has gained great respect in my eyes, after attending Alison Weir’s lecture. She stood up to Henry VIII with total courage and total determination, in spite of all the threats made against her and her daughter, and all the privations she suffered. I am very glad I have got to know more about the story of her years in exile. Thanks for organising this trip, Elena.

  2. I really enjoyed Alison Weir’s talk. The setting was perfect, transporting one back to 16th century England and of course Katherine’s final resting place.
    It would be great to visit some of the other local places where Katherine stayed: Ampthill, Buckden and Kimbolton.
    Thank you again Elena for organising the evening.

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