Salud from Sherryland!


Just back from Cadiz, Spain, the area where sherry is produced. What a privilege to take some of our Spanish students on this cultural immersion. A joy for the wine lovers, history lovers and culture lovers

Sherry, we called it Jerez in Spain is a fortified wine only produced in this part of Spain, the Sherry triangle, and covers the towns of Jerez de la Frontera, Puerto de SantaMaria & Sanlucar de Barrameda.

This time we stayed in a lovely converted convent, Monasterio de San Miguel in Puerto de Santa Maria. A place full history, this is an excellent base to explore the area.

To learn more about sherry visiting a couple of bodegas is a must. To really appreciate it, one has to taste the different wines, fino, oloroso, Pedro Ximenez just to mention a few, as well as my favourite one, Palo cortado.

This area of Spain is well known for their Andalusian horses. A horse riding performance is only possible to watch in Jerez and Vienna. We did not only go to a performance but went on a “calesa” (carriage) ride.

Cadiz, claimed to be the oldest city in Western Europe, was reached by ferry from El Puerto.

A culture pot, Founded by the Phoenicians, every other civilisation helped to shape this city full of character, light, sun and welcoming people.

In Sevilla with our fantastic guides Emma and Aidan we moved to the times of Jews and Moors living together. At Los Reales Alcazares palace Christian traditions and Moorish architecture get put together. This mixture of cultures could be found in a lot of aspects of Spanish life, and a good example is in the Spanish cuisine that we sampled on numerous occasions.

What a fantastic experience! Thank you everyone for making this trip so special!!

3 thoughts on “Salud from Sherryland!

  1. I had a fantastic experience and I met wonderful people.
    Elena Ramos, where are you taking us next year?
    Thank you very much for this unforgettable experience.

  2. What an amazing trip where we experienced so much that this region of Spain has to offer. Thank you to Elena and Pilar for being outstanding leaders of our group, making sure that everyone was looked after and for taking every opportunity to enhance our time together, including the flamenco dancing in Le Petit !

  3. It was a wonderful trip. Hope you organise more. A very well-planned cultural visit in only five days – three city visits, two sherry tastings, the horse display, plus a really interesting group of people who are all learning Spanish. I made several new friends.

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